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Mixing and Mastering Services.
About Yellow Peril Audio
We are a small studio in the south of Sweden covering mixing and mastering for the creative independent artist. We offer exceptional detail and professionalism to our clients at very good prices.

Our main mix engineer has been involved with audio for over 20 years and is more than qualified to give your songs the best finish they deserve.
Audio Services
We offer the services below. All audio processing is completed in-house, we use both digital and analogue.
We like to collaborate, understand and work with you the artist to realise the full potential of your music. All mixes we do are summed in analogue out of the box and processed through hardware and it really shows in the end product.
We will master your track to streaming, broadcast and CD level standards with any other requirements you may have. All mastering is done in-house using both software and hardware for precision and fidelity.
Whether you chose to have your music mixed or mastered at Yellow Peril Audio, we offer an advice service where we can help you decide what your music needs, whether it is ready for master or whether there are any issues sonically.
Services Pricing
With all things creative there are never two the same. This also translates to the work required for each project. We feel it is best to contact us about your project and we can move on from there with regards to pricing.

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